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“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Law Office of John E. Carelli was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

- Tabatha S.

   Our son has a 73 El Camino given to him by his Grandfather, this is his last year of high school and is leaving for Marine boot camp two weeks after graduation. My husband wanted to get a simple paint job before he started driving the car. The shop owner told my husband he could have the car done by cool April nights, but he kept getting the run around about when it would be done. After numerous days( 11 months) of following up about when the car would be finished my husband finally told the shop owner that he was done dealing with him and wanted our car back. The shop owner did not want to give us the car back and started bullying my husband, even though we had already paid him the majority of what was agreed upon.

  We spoke with Mr Carelli and explained everything to him. He explained some options we had.

   We told him we just wanted to get our sons car back so he can drive it for the last few months before he leaves. He spoke with the shop owner and with in three days we had the car back. I wish we would have talked to him sooner, it would have saved a lot of stress. - Tod M.

"John Really knows what he is doing when it comes to Family Law. He is very reasonable with his prices. I'm so thankful to have an attorney that I can trust that has my best interest at hand." ~ Pete M.

"John is a wonderful caring individual, and how many times do you hear that about a lawyer. John has helped me many times and I have always been pleased with his correspondence and the results. If you're looking for a good lawyer look no further!" ~ Kyle V.

   John has represented me during custody issues with my son. I've had the opportunity to witness him both in and out of the courtroom. I've worked with several attorneys and John is hands down the best at what he does. He's the consummate professional while, at the same time he is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. His unflappable demeanor and background in law enforcement has allowed him to think quickly on his feet.

   He is an attorney who cares about people more than money and is truly emotionally invested in the outcome of his cases. I felt very strongly that he cared about the outcome of our situation as much as I did, and I felt that I had not only my lawyer but a friend beside me in the courtroom.

   Family law can be an emotional and trying journey. Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney who will put your mind at ease and fight for the right outcome for you and your children. ~ Ann B.

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