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United States Marine Corp Army Navy Air Force Coast Guard

The Military Service Members of all branches hold a special place in the heart of Attorney John Carelli.  Numerous members of Mr. Carelli's family have served in the military.  Currently, his son is a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps and his brother is a Captain in the Navy. Mr. Carelli is a member of the board of directors for the Northern California Veteran's Cemetery in Igo, California.  

The sacrifice and dedication to the United States of America deserve recognition and someone to fight for their rights here on U.S. soil.  

Therefore, if you are thinking of enlisting and need to clear up some prior criminal or civil matters or if while on leave you unfortunately find trouble or if you are a vet in need of assistance of a skilled lawyer call today to have your matter reviewed.  
Pre-Enlisted and
Active Military Personnel 

  • Clear pre-enlistment criminal matters
  • Seal Juvenile Records
  • Fight Traffic tickets
  • DUI Defense
  • Civil Issues

Service Veteran 

Lawyer John Carelli thanking the men and women of the Military

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